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Review | Fallout

Fallout by Ellen Hopkins is the third and final instalment of the Crank trilogy. I started the series about 5 years ago, and decided it was about time I read the last book. I was a huge fan of the first ones (Crank and Glass) and I really wasn't disappointed with Fallout.

In this last book, the story isn't focused on Kristina, but on her 3 oldest children and how their lives have been affected by their mother's relationship with the monster.

We first get to know Hunter, the eldest of her children. When he was a baby, Kristina's parents decided to adopt him because she clearly wasn't able to take care of him. Hunter is now 18, is in a serious relationship, works part-time at a radio station and goes to college. 

We then meet Autumn, Kristina's eldest daughter. She's 17, and has OCD. When her dad went to jail, her aunt and grandpa took her in and they were very careful and made sure her parents (or other family) would never find her. 

And then we get introduced to Summer, 15. She suffers from severe asthmas due to her mother using while she was pregnant. She's been from one foster family to another for most of her life, taken away from her grandparents when they got "too old". 
These kids have nothing in common except for an irresponsible mother and a predisposition to substance abuse. Wherever Kristina goes, she brings drama, and this year at Christmas is no different. In this last novel, unrelated events bring everyone together in what seems to be like a path towards change and recovery. 

Once again, the author totally blew my mind away. Ellen Hopkins has a gift when it comes to writing contemporary young adult fiction that’s for sure.

It was really nice to take the focus off Kristina and have her children on the spotlight. To see drug addiction from a child’s point of you and how it doesn't only affect the user’s life.

All the characters felt real, and it’s very easy to relate to them. That’s one thing I've always liked about her books.

“It's just so hard to feel good, you know?" I do know. And more than that, it's just so incredibly hard to feel.”

I really can’t say anything bad about this book, but I wish I could have more. I want to know what happened to each one of the children. I really want them to be okay, to have a great future.

Hopkins has a very unique way of writing her books, and I really like it. You can easily get sucked in and read it all in one sitting. Fallout is really not a hard read, but it’s very emotional. It’s difficult to be indifferent to the characters.

I really recommend this book (the series) if you like YA novels. Or even if you don’t! It’s just one of these books!

My Rating: 
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Have you read any Ellen Hopkins? Which one is your favourite?

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